Laverton to Altona

Despite the blustery weather today (15 degrees, misty rain and wind) I decided to do a walk that I have been thinking about for some time.

I caught the train to Laverton and then walked via the coastal reserve to Altona. About 9kms or so – and around 2 hours walking time.

The first past of the walk follows a channel – what is I suppose the start of the Laverton Creek.

Reeds and water

Due to the heavy rain last night some parts of the track were covered in water – making for difficult going.

This sculture is at the top of the steps.

This sculture is at the top of the steps.

As the walk continues the creek becomes quite wide before flowing into the bay. A small detour from the track led to the 100 Steps of Federation – a small hill with stunning views and an unusual sculture at the top.

The view towards the city from the top of the 100 Steps to Federation

The view towards the city from the top of the 100 Steps to Federation

I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to walk in winter. Particularly on a day that wasn’t too cold.

From the detour it was about a 5km walk to the finish at Altona Railway Stn. Here is a link to the Walking Maps entry for this walk.


Stanmore (NSW)

Maintaining the intention to post at least every weekend – even while travelling – here are some photos of Stanmore in Sydney where I stayed this weekend at a friend’s house.

Stanmore is pretty inner city suburb. Jacarandas line the streets of terrace houses. We were lucky that the rain didn’t start til Sunday (horizontal rain with strong winds – very miserable and Melbourne like).

My friend had only moved in on Friday so we were surounded by boxes. Which didn’t matter in the slightest as the essentials were unpacked (beds, wine glasses and coffee cups).

Today I’m heading off to Mudgee for the week with my partner who works there. Really looking forward to having the week there… apart from the cold weather (zero degrees and frosts)


My first journey to the end of a Melbourne Metro line. Decided Belgrave was the way to go. I had forgotten that Belgrave was in the Dandenongs rather than at the foot of them. The train ride passes through beautiful scenery – even tree ferns.

The journey took a little longer than I expected – 2 hours to get to Belgrave. Caught the 8:32 from Newport, changed at Flinders St station then again at Ringwood and got off at 10:30.

Great to discover a walking track from Belgrave to Upwey. I strolled down to Upwey and then caught the train back into the city. I have since discovered the walking path (Belgrave to Ringwood rail trail) goes as far as Ringwood. I definitely will be back soon and attempt the 19.2 km walk (saved by passing 8 railway stations if it gets too much).